With Google Fiber, users can spend less time waiting for buffering and spend more time video chatting with friends, uploading precious family photos and playing online games.

According to a blog post by Google representatives this week, Google Fiber will be making its way to Irvine, Louisville and San Diego. This is great news for residents of the cities who will now be able to enjoy 1,000 megabits per second Internet speeds.

But before the cities get approved for Fiber, they need to complete a checklist of items such as providing information about existing infrastructure, create a project timeline and review Google specifications. Collecting this information can take months but it can really help expedite the installation process.

“We’ve seen that this planning process is helpful, both for Google Fiber and city officials—working together, we can take a massive infrastructure project and break it into manageable pieces,” the blog post explains.

Google Fiber is already in Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Kansas City, Nashville, Provo, Raleigh-Durham, Salt Lake City and San Antonio, but the new cities will bring access to lightning-fast Internet to millions more Google users.

We’ll keep you up to date about any Google Fiber news, so stay tuned to what’s Happening Now for all of the latest details.

If you’ve ever wondered why your computer is so frustratingly slow, one reason is that your PC is bogged down with junk you don’t need. There are folders, files and pieces of links you don’t even know are there.

There are cookies, shortcuts and browser histories all slowing you down. Worse, there are programs silently running in the background that you don’t need, and don’t even know you have.

But you know the result all too well. Your PC takes forever to open up in the morning and suddenly slows to a crawl during the day, but you’re not sure why.

At Komando.com, we’re always looking for free fixes that can help you speed up your computer. We found one you should know about that also helps protect your privacy.

It’s called Wise Care 365 and after a super speedy download, it’s free and makes cleaning your computer easy. Plus, there’s a for-pay upgrade that is worth considering.

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