Your domain name ideas don’t have to contain your brand name. You can include your location, or things that are important to you as a business.

Is your company located in London? Does it serve customers in the south-east? Do you pride yourself on speed of service? Maybe your domain name should reflect these attributes.

Online tools can’t find the ideal domain for you, but they can help. A good place to start is with a thesaurus, like at or Collins.

Enter business attributes, values, unique selling points, product benefits, the sector you operate in and more. You’ll soon have a list of ideas longer than the world’s longest domain name. 

While an online thesaurus can help develop ideas from words you’ve already thought of, an old-fashioned dictionary can spark entirely new domain name ideas.

Get the dictionary, close your eyes and open at a random page. Touch a spot at random with your finger, and write down the words you find there. Repeat this a few times and you might just hit inspiration.

Why not use the objects and words that surround you in your domain name ideas? Walk through your stockroom. Study the products on your shelves. See what the signs and labels around you are saying.

The language your business uses internally might not always be suitable for an external audience. But it can certainly help you come up with ideas that are.

Once you’ve exhausted domain name ideas in your company, you can look to people who have less knowledge of what you do. They can provide a fresh or original perspective on things.

Good people to talk to include customers, friends, family and anyone who happens to be around when you need them. People like being asked their opinions, so don’t be afraid to do so.

All out of ideas for a .com or name? It may be time to consider other, newer, less well-known extensions. There are many to choose from, and some lend themselves to creative uses.

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